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BOYS DANCE CREW  In Partnership with Generation Dance Company.  Boys ages 11-14 being instructed in the Art of dance through Tap and Hip Hop.

NHBW FEARLESS FEMALES JUNIOR CHAPTER  In partnership with Joliet West High School, District 204.  Leadership development for young ladies.

PRINCESS TO PEARLS JUNIOR CHAPTER  Leadership development for teens.

KINGS IN THE KINGS COURT  Leadership development for teens.

“YOUTH SPEAKS” ORATORICAL PROGRAM  In partnership with Silver Cross Hospital.

PASSPORT TO SUCCESS PROGRAM  Leadership, character building and life skills for boys and girls ages 7-17.

“READING FOR LIFE” LITERACY PROGRAM  A grassroot initiative to close the reading achievement gap in partnership with Silver Cross Hospital.

PROJECT 100 FOOD PANTRY  Free food distribution 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.

REAL MEN READ – NHBW, INC.  Male Associate Arm and men volunteers in partnership with Joliet School District 86 to reveal to boys the benefits of reading by being positive role models.

SCHOLARSHIPS  Please see the SCHOLARSHIP PAGE for information.

SENIOR OUTREACH | S.A.L.T. (SENIORS ACTIVELY LIVING TRIUMPHANTLY)  Provide health education and written materials on issues that affect seniors, entertainment and lunch for local senior centers,

TEENS OVERCOMING PRESSURE (T.O.P.) Teens Overcoming Pressure teaches teens to identify healthy relationships and to note early warning signs of abusive relationships, violent marker, controlling and manipulative behavior while giving them the necessary tools to cope and tunnel through.

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (Grant-funded) Students learn effective job search techniques, resume writing,  how to interview and dress appropriately.


  • Community workshops are offered: Leadership Development, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness

  • Family Parent Institute Program: A movement to establish a support system and resource group for parents

WRITING LAB – NHBW, INC. & SILVER CROSS  Lab giving opportunities for students and community members to become computer literate and improve their essay and general writing skills.


  • Annual National NHBW Conference 

  • NHBW Central Regional Annual Conference

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