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The NHBW literacy initiative is a grassroots movement established to help raise reading levels for students across the country.  The goal is to attack the systemic reading epidemic.  The plan is to not only be a resource for grade school students but for children in daycares/nursery schools as well.


Our mission is to provide the tools and resources to combat this epidemic at the ground level.  WE plan to put a book in every home and support parents as the child’s first and most important teacher.  We plan to increase literacy and promote a child’s successful transition into the educational school system through outreach and awareness to parents about the importance of reading readiness for children birth through 5 years of age.


The goal is to increase the percentage of students reading by the time they enter kindergarten and establish a literacy based resource center for both daycares/nurseries and grade schools.  Educational support systems are the key to keeping children in school, in the work force, off welfare, and away from criminal activities.  This goal will be reached by the following:

  • Creating partnerships with targeted daycare centers and targeted grade schools to bridge the education gap and help children reach their full potential

  • Providing workshops for program participants to pursue academic excellence.

  • Hosting workshops for parents and early childhood instructors to reinforce the importance of early (birth to 5) instruction in reading.

  • Distributing reading materials and resources for youth and parents.

  • Develop a support and resource system for use by parents, educators, and caregivers.


We Need Your Support Today!

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